One of the other advantage of our natural pigments is the large range of use. Products totally innocuous for the environment and the human race, it's used in a lot of domain :

Ä Cosmetics :

Colouring of soap
Colouring of perfum
Colouring of make up products ...

Ä Paint :

in watercolours : gouache ...
in oils : linserd oil ...

rabit skin glue
gum arablic
yellow of an egg

Ä Baits

Ä Bulding Industry :

Coloured concrete
Coloured cobbestone
Coating of frontage :

- by cement
- by lime

Colouring of plaster, staffs

Ä Fertilizers
We sell our products to famous brand names, certains are universally famous.

Le Moulin à Couleurs contribute to the restoration of Versailles Castel and church windows, and to the elaboration of film set.

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