For centuries, men use pigments to decorate their environment, from "Les Grottes de Lascaux", which is the most famous example, to our modern buildings. So, these mineral pigments are used, cleared from their sand, as they are or mixed one and other, burned ... to obtain a multitude of colours.

The incontestable advantage of natural pigments is to offer a lot of resistance to light, ultraviolets (sun, moon), dampress and a good performance in time.

Nowadays we can see a revival of the natural pigments use in a lot of domain like building industry, house and castel renovation, paint, plaster ... The color and the natural come back into fashion.



La Sienne Naturelle is an earth which come from a quarry site in the Ardennes. This mixture of clay and iron oxide is dried and crushed.
La Sienne Calcinée ou Brûlée is obtained by the burning in presence of air and Sienne Naturelle.
L'Ombre Naturelle is a mixture of Sienne Naturelle and black iron oxide.
L'Ombre Calcinée is a mixture of Sienne Calcinée and black iron oxide.
L'Ardoise is done by the crushing of schist.
Les Bruns (browns) are obtained by the mixture of Sienne Naturelle, Sienne Calcinée and black.
Le Noir de vigne (black)
La Terre de Cassel which is lignite.

Our mine situated at few kilometres from Ecordal



L'Ocre Jaune (yellow) is known for antiquity. It is colouring clay containing iron oxide.
L'Ocre Rouge (red) is obtained by the burning of the yellow ochre to have a steadiness of the tints.

The burner where earth become red



Le Rouge (red) is extracted of an opencast mine of Madras in India.
Le Noir (black) is totally tough by light.
Le Brun Van Dick (brown), manganese oxide, is a purplish brown.
Le Violet (purple) is a crushed pure iron.


L'Extrait de Cassel en grains
Le Noir d'Ivoire (black) comes from the burning in isolation of animal banes, and not yet of ivory as in the past. It gives a hot and dense black, which shade into brown with white.
Le Noir Max CP (black) is a smoked black.
Le Bleu Outremer (blue) is a mixture of Silico aluminate of sodium. It is a very dense blue.
Le Bleu Charon (blue)
Le Bleu Azur (blue)
Le Blanc de Meudon (white) is made from natural lime carbonate.
Le Blanc de Titane (white) is a titanium dioxide with a gleaming quality.
Le Blanc de Zinc (white) is a zinc oxide.
Le Blanc de Lithopone (white) is a mixture of Zinc sulphide and sulphide of barium oxide.
Le Vert de France (french green) (3 tints).
Le Vert Anglais (english green) (4 tints)
Le Vert de Wagon (green)
Le Vert Z concentré (green) is a dark green
Le Jaune de Chrome (yellow ) (5 tints)
Le Jaune Clair à ciment (yellow for cement)
Le Rouge Porto (red)
Le Rouge Vermillon (red)
La Mine Orange Factice (orange)

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