In 1866, Désiré Boizet and J.B. Courtois joined together to create "Les Vernis Boizet". They set up their factory up in Ecordal, a little "Ardennais" village at a few kilometres from Attigny and begann the manufacture of coloring earth, very much used for varnish.

The factory worked then with a paddle wheel on the brook "Le Foivre", which ran just near.

"The Paddle Wheel"


In 1928, they changed the wheel for a Winterthur diesel engine, more powerful, which allowed the productivity to increase.

In 1950, the factory electrification was done as the same time as the village. Crushers took then millstones place. Those crushers are still working today.

In 1992, the last successor of "Les Vernis Boizet", Jean Boizet, went into retirement. Then the firm "Le Moulin à Couleurs" bought the factory.

In 1996, to widen the range of products, Le Moulin à Couleurs bought the Establishments "Lechiche", site in Auxerre. We mannage now to have a range of 85 tints.

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